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Phil Spinelli
Phil Spinelli
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107 Ranch Road 620 South, Ste #117, Austin, TX 78734

Phil Spinelli's Biography

Growing up in the highly populated, highly over developed, north east you don’t realize what kind of sacrifice that is. Sometime while working in Manhattan I finally realized where all this depression, anxiety, angst was coming from... I was living in a grey, concrete, self made prison. Yes, in my opinion NYC is a prison(a very expensive prison)... I knew I needed to get out, somewhere I could breath. I’ve had family living in Austin for decades, and I had visited many times throughout my life. A couple of years ago, I visited the lone star state for a wedding and started to see something that was always there but just didn’t notice it. Nature. Nature everywhere. There are so many state parks here it’s unreal, and nature is really the only thing to quiet my anxiety. It was at this moment I realized Austin is where I need to be. So my fiancé and I packed up our life in NYC and found a place to live right off the greenbelt; sincerely the best decision we’ve ever made.

Now, growing up as a metropolitan, I knew I couldn’t go cold turkey from a fast moving world, but that’s not a problem because downtown is just a stones throw away. I can hike on a Saturday morning, stop off in my apartment to shower and change maybe even play some video games, and then be at the bar with my friends, all within an hours time. If I wanted to do something like that back east, first there would be a month of planning involved, then we would need to drive 2 hours out to PA to get to undeveloped nature paying $7-10 in tolls along the way. We would have to pay $70 per person to white water raft and then once we were done and tired with nature, if we wanted to go back home and meet up with friends, chances were that after the 2 hour drive home we were calling a quits on our day. When I say Austin is easy living... you really have no idea how easy it is here just to enjoy life (and most of it you can do for cheap-free). I can go into my office for a meeting in the morning and be on the water kayaking in less than an half an hour. This is truly an amazing place to live and I would love to help anyone else who is interested to have what I have.
- Phil